July 5, 2012

A whole bunch of kids shorts/pants

I'm on sewing pause... (well, sort of)

I've lost my mojo since I got stuck making the last dress.
All I wanted to do was just sleep early with my kids.
But one day when I had some energy I decided to finish the last dress.
Since then I got my mojo back and want to sew again...
Then realized I'm out of tracing paper, so I can't make anything new. :(

I took this as an opportunity to organize my fabric stash and see what I can do without a tracing paper.
Well, I realized that I no longer have a stash.
Turned out, I had a scrap stash. :(
I sorted it out, and still keeping it thinking I might use it for applique, etc...
But I really don't know.
I was hoping someone on Craigslist would want to adopt them, but didn't find anyone.

I did find few of my and my husbands old clothes that I kept because I was going to make something for my kids.
So that's what I did...

I used my linen shorts/pants to make shorts for my son.
My husband's boardshorts to make him another shorts.
The boardshorts was really still in good condition.
The fabric was good, it's just he got a hole by his crotch so he didn't want it anymore. I don't blame him. Lol.
Then I made my daughter some pants.
I used my old pajama pants... Just like my husband, there's a hole around my butt.
I really didn't care since it's just a pj, but I got tired of getting poked through the hole by the kids.
It was my comfy pj, and now it's my daughter's comfy pj.

I really got a good use out of this pants pattern!

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