July 29, 2012

Alison Bathing Suit

I live in Hawaii.
We go to the beach, the pool, and I swim at the gym 2-3 times a week.
Needless to say, I go through my swimsuit fast.
I normally get them on sale, but it still costs about $30.
So I figured it's about time I learn how to make a bathing suit.

I downloaded Alison swimsuit pattern from BurdaStyle website.
It came in 3 sizes- 32-34, 36-38, 40-42.
I fit right about 36-38.

It was easier than I expected.
They called for zig-zag or stretch stitch.
I tried zig-zag but when I tried it on, the stitches stretched and you can see the seams.
So I checked the machine's manual and discovered stretch stitch.
They recommend it for something that needs stretching and durability.
It's pretty cool, except it's a pain to undo if you make a mistake!

The instruction, although Kitty Couture made it really good, it was still a little vague...
Well, I guess not the instruction, but the pattern.
There's no notches to attach things, so you just need to try it on and pin where you want things to be.
That's what I did with attaching the binding to bust insert, and I think it came out a little higher than expected.  It turned out ok, as I like neckline higher anyways.

One thing to note, is when you add the center tab, make sure you add it on before you attach the lining to the bodice. 
The instruction to attach the tab comes much later, so I attached the lining to bodice first, and found out later that you need it to attach it before, so it'll be enclosed to the seam.
I didn't want to undo the stretch stitches, so I added on from the outside, and although it doesn't show outside, it wasn't easy to do.

Also there isn't really a pattern for single back strap.
I used the pattern given- which is meant to be a tie so you cut 2- I only used one- and it was too tight that I couldn't get to put the suit on, so I took it off.
I was too lazy to make measure and make another one.

I used the Kitty Couture's leg binding instruction, but for the width I cut the binging in half - which was too narrow, I think.
Next time I'll use something a little narrower than the binding, like suggested.

I made one alteration - I copied the front & back bodice and cut it around the crotch area and baste them to front and back bodice.
This, in my head would've made it a skirt, like my current bathing suit, but it just ended up making a tankini over this bathing suit.  :p
I had to widen the sides if I wanted it to be a skirt.

So I bought a yard & half of swimsuit material for this at $10/yd.
I think I can make one with 3/4yd, which makes this suit $7.
Alot cheaper than RTW!!!



Yesterday I went to the gym to test out my new swimsuit.
Luckily I took a shower in the locker room first.
The suit bottom was almost see through when wet!!
It's because the background of the fabric is almost white.
I think I could even see my c-section scar.
I was glad I had the "tankini" over it, since it's not really see through once there's another layer.
But because it's a tankini, it would rise up in the water I had to constantly pull down on it.
I'll probably have to wear a board shorts with it just so I don't get too self concious.

The fit was great, though.
I thout it was a little tight when I tried it on, but it felt great under water.

Since I had some extra fabric I actually made another one.
This time I made it a tankini top, and cut the bottom below the waist to make a panty bottom.
I took apart my old bathing suit and used the lining to line the bottom.
I guess at least the bottom should be lined, huh?

Uploading the picture tomorrow.

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