July 15, 2012

marrakesh Pants Day 4 - Done!

I actually had a little break from Marrakesh pants, because I ran out of the thread, and made another Simplicity maxi dress, but that's another story.
Well this is the combination of Day 3 and Day 4, since I don't remember how far I got on Day 3.

First of all, lots of mahalo to Sandra Betzina for sharing her front fly zipper installation method.
Using her video, it was really simple, and gave the best finish!!
The only thing is, you have to remember to add fly extension to your front pieces...
Marrakesh pants have a separate pieces for fly extension, so I had to sew them on...

It still worked but it would've been nice to have it as a part of the pattern.


 I've noticed that the fly extensions were really big. 
This white linen is pretty thin, and you can see through the extension and it just looks huge...
I think I'd make it smaller next time.

I tried it on...  and it was huge!!!
I thought the muslin was perfect...  but I guess linen somehow stretches?
I ended up taking out around 1/2 inch from the waistline sides...
It probably ended up bringing it back to size 8.

Since both kids took a nap for almost 3 hours together, I got to finish the pants today.
I still need to attach hook & eye, but I'm debating if I want to.
I keep mentioning that my waistline changes throughout the day, and will be tightening/loosening the drawstring alot.  I don't know if hook & eye will be in the way of it.

I don't have the pictore of me wearing it...
But I LOVE it!!
I had this on today without finishing the hem, and changed to my RTW white linen pants to go out, and realized that my Marrakesh pants looked so much better on me.
It fit better, and felt better.

I'm glad I was convinced to buy this pattern... I sure will be making more of these.

Few things to mention, only in my opinion.
I think the drawstrings are so wide...  personally I like it narrower.
Although this supposed to be a little low-rise, 1in below the naval...even after cutting off about an inch off the top of the waist, it still sat right on my waistline.
It actually felt good to wear a pants at the waist again, since all my pants are low rise, and just uncomfortable.
However with the wide drawstrings, it adds a tad more volume around the belly, and with a certain top, I look pregnant!!!
I really don't think this is the pattern's fault...  I really need to work out more and reduce this waistline.

Although I love this pants, I need to be careful choosing what to match the top.
Not because of the pattern, but because of the material.
I got a linen/rayon blend from www.fabric.com, but it's pretty thin.
It probably looks ok if it's in darker color, but with white, it's somewhat see through.
If I wear a dark underwear it certainly shows.
I'd like to jump into getting more of these fabric, but I need to stop myself...
I just received some rayon challis from fabricmart.com.
I need to work on reducing the newly purchased stash.

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