September 29, 2012

Patrones 305, #2 shorts

Patrones has alot of shorts.
It's amazing how much variation of shorts they can come up with.
I'm not a really shorts kinda person...
My stomach is sensitive so whenever my legs are bare I get a stomach cramp. :(
But even then, I wear shorts when it's really hot at home (I can't wear it at a store where they crank up the AC).
I really liked this shorts!!

It has so much details, and I like how it's more like a skirt.

I cut 40 waist and 38 rest.
It seems like true to size, since I didn't have to do any alteration.
I used a leftover denim that I made my jeans with.
This was a really light weight denim, and I didn't think it was fit for the jeans... But perfect for this shorts!!

Oh but the pattern looked REALLY short.
I didn't really read the instruction (cuz it's in Spanish), so I don't know if it suggested longer seam allowances for the hem, but I added 2in to the hem, and folded in about 1in after serging the edge.
This material didn't press well, so I only folded in once.

I really like how it turned out.
The picture looks so staged, but it's just on a white bed sheet. :p
It looks alot more dressy than the regular shorts.
(too bad I normally wear the top over and it'll cover most of the details...)
Now I can proudly wear this around the house and answer the door to unexpected visitors, rather then my other shorts that don't fit me.

Also I made this with about 1/2yd left over material (It wasn't enough so I used a scrap for pockets) so it was about $3 + $1.50 zipper.
Not bad, eh?
I think a pair of shorts with this much detail is much more expensive.
I might be having a big head, but I think this shorts at least looks expensive, thanks to a nice fabric from Fabricmart. :)

My husband said "Oh, are those skorts? Are you trying to bring the trend back?"
Am I trying to bring the trend back, or is my fashion too old in time??
Whatever the style I like seem to be few years old...
I need to research the current fashion more often...
But I don't like the current fashion, like print jeans.
I kinda like the color block but I'm too cheap to buy 2 different fabric for one garment. :p

I'm just so glad that I learned how to install a zipper and able to make bottoms.
I'm slowly replacing all the ill-fitted RTW bottoms in my closet. :)

September 25, 2012

Mini-wardrobe contest!

Mini Wardrobe

I just entered the Mini-wardrobe contest from Sewing Patternreview website.
I whipped up so many garments this month that I realized I could finish all the requirements.

Currently I'm working on a cargo pants from Patrones.
Now I just don't know which ones to enter to the contest.
I'm thinking about the Jalie jeans, cargo pants (if I can finish on time), two tops and a RTW cardigan.

Since I've been going crazy staying home because the kids are sick, this contest is letting me get my mind off.
I know other people are more creative and I probably won't win, but the contest itself is motivating and also fun.
I'm slowly trying to replace my wardrobe with more mature (no more Forever21!) wearbale garments, that this contest gives it a good kickoff.

Also, did I mention that my last hobby was digital scrapbooking?
So I'm also having fun getting the composite review together using Photoshop.
I want to make it look like a magazine page...
You know how some magazines shows each picture of garments, and then the posibility of combining them?


OK, all done!!

I kinda wanted to play with the images more, but I merged all the images and accidentally saved it, so I really can't play with it anymore.
So here it is... Hope everyone enjoy!!

September 22, 2012

Patrones Issue 303 #23 Cargo Pants

So I'm working on a cargo pants from Patrones.
Hopefully I can finish it on time and this will be one of my entries on Mini-wardrobe contest.
This pants was pretty much the reason I got this issue.
I love how it's slim and sophisticated but a little punk in a cargo style.

First of all, yesterday I traced the pattern and basted a seam to check the fit.
According to the sizing chart, I'm 38 but so far all their stuff has been a little smaller on me, I traced 40 overall, and even 44 at the waist.
Since I'm 4'11" and knew it was gonna be long, I omitted the seam allowances on each vertical pieces.

After the fit, I realized I didn't have to use bigger size on waist afterall.
I had to take about an inch from the sides.
I also did my usual taking in about 2in from the center back to avoid gaping.
Alteration was that's about it, and it seems to fit ok except that it's a slim fit and I'm not used to it!!

The only thing is, I think this is pretty lowrise.
If I'm standing it's ok, but when I sit down I think the back waist will fall below my panty line. ( ̄◇ ̄;)
I guess it's ok since my tops are all long, but I don't know if it would be comfortable.

Today, I did the REAL stitches, and I've gone pretty far.
I attached the back pockets and side pockets.
I just love these side pockets!!
It has pleats! So cute!!

Then I realized I did some stuff wrong...
The front piece is made of 4 square (rectangle?) pieces.
They were sewn together, and I pressed the seams open...
But when I look at the magazine photo closely, they've been pressed downward and topstitched.
I guess it makes sense, that if you press the seams open there's a chance of splitting apart if a seam comes undone.
So I'll have to pluck those seams to fix this. And it goes underneath this pocket attached already. Agh! (>_<) This is what happens when the instruction is on foreign language and I have to rely on my little experience. Ok, this was my "Done for today, let's continue tomorrow" moment. 9/23/2012 My husband took the kids outside to play, so I got lots done... I'm almost done, just need to attach waistband and hem the bottom. Yup this is a low rise... When I bend down half of my butt shows. (without the waistband at this time) I doubled up the width of waist band by cutting a duplicate od waistbands, attaching it lengthwise. I hope this will make it a little higher... I guess this is the reason to do a muslin! I finished the pants...

At first I thought the fitting was off.
I was so concentrated on fixing the gap in the back, that I didn't realize there was more fabric in the front.
I was disappointed, but my husband said it's not that bad, and After awhile I felt ok with it.
If I look at it closely it's not really the extra fabric, but it's because of the material.
It seems to wrinkly easily so if I sit down, it causes wrinkles that makes it look like I have extra fabric in the area.

Here's the pix, copying the pose from the magazine...
Hmm, it doesn't really look the same... my legs seem to be about half the size. :p

Overall... It's ok, but not really my favorite.
I still love the pleated pockets so it's probably easier if I just use these pockets on Jalie jeans pattern.
I thought about taking it off the contest entry but I'll keep it. :)

September 20, 2012

Maria Denmark Kirsten Kimono Tee

Maria Denmark Kirsten Kimono Tee.
This was a free download pattern.
I just gotta say, it was amazing!!

I've used Digital patterns from several pattern companies, and this was the easiest to tile together.
On the corner of each sheet, where 4 sheets of paper meet, there's a circle and an X inside that you connect together.
The X gives more guidance and this seemed more accurate compared to matching a tiny square or small circle.

The instruction was very detailed, considering it's a simple tee with only two pieces of pattrns.
There was a photo instruction to make the neck binding strip from the same fabric.
There also was a detailed instruction of how to attach the binding strip to the neck.
I think this is the first pattern that I've seen with this much information on this.
It tells you what length to cut the binding according to the neckline length (85%) and divide it up in quarter section and attach it while you pull the strip.

The only thing is, I thought this quarter section method was a little off...
Since the front is a little longer than the back, if you divide the entire neckline equally in 1/4, there's less strip available for the front, causing it to pucker.
Next time, I'm going to cut the front and back neck binding separately...
85% of each length plus 4cm for seam allowance.

Ok, on my project...
I got this Houndstooth printed knit from FabricMart.
At first I wanted to make a dress but I thought a top will probably be more practical.
Then I saw this photo on Lucky magazine.
It's from Banana Republic ad.

Woooo, exactly the same color/print!!
I like it, but I know I won't wear long sleeves.

I was looking for a nice tee pattern, and found Maria Denmarks pattern.

I REALLY REALLY love this pattern!!
It's such a simple pattern, but it fits so good and I think it looks flattering.
I cut size XS and graded to S at the waist.

I'm normally so intimidated with knit and never happy with my neckline.
It always get wonky because it stretches out.
With this one, I applied a thin interfacing strip around the neck & sleeve edges.
And with the Maria Denmark's binding instruction, I think this is probably my best knit job ever!
I didn't add any interfacing to the hem, and noticed a big difference in difficulty.
I wish I added it to the hem as well.

I just entered a Mini-Wardrobe contest from Pattern Review.

Mini Wardrobe

Since we've postponed the Japan trip and I've been home with my sick kids for past few days, I've sewn so many garments already and it's enough for the contest.
I know I'll probably won't win because my stuff are so simple, but either way it's something fun to do. :)
I'm debating which garment to enter to the contest...
For sure this tee will be one. :)

September 18, 2012

Hot Patterns Medina Mini-kaftan

I'm on a role!
I thought I ordered so much from Fabricmart about a week ago, but I'm going through them pretty fast.

I used Hot Patterns Medina Mini-kaftan pattern.
Considering there're so many pieces, this was put together really quick.
From tiling the printed pattern, then tracing to finish, I got it done in one day.
I'm home all day because the kids are still sick... I did steps here and there all day.
Well I would even say half a day, because I didn't start til about lunch time.
The sewing did let the day pass faster for me... Staying home drives me nuts.

Anyways, I made it in white seersucker, with white linen trim.
The result needs a little modification...
First of all the sleeves spread out too much.
With this color, I think it really makes it looklike a hospital gown, or spa robe.
I thought about making it sleeveless (it reminds me of some Michael Kors dress) but I like the sleeves.
It probably looks ok to certain people, but since I have broad shoulders for my small frame, so it seems to emphasize it.
I pinched the sleeves a bit, and it makes it look more like a shirt.

I'm debating if I want to keep the drawstring.
It was a little shorter than it's suggested, so it comes closer to the sides.
With all the trim, it seems like too much details.
It's supposedly semi-fitted, but it's pretty fitted so it really doesn't need more tightening either.

I think the top (? Dress) is really meant as a coverup.
The neck is low and armholes a big, so you really cannot wear this on its own.

I fixed the sleeves.
I made the armhole smaller by shortening the sleeve facing and attached it as it would per instruction.
It might not show too much difference in the picture, but it seems so much better to me.

I also took out the drawstrings.
It's so much simpler but I think I'd wear it more this way.

I really love how this turned out!!!!
I don't mind making it in different colors.
The only thing, of course is this is white...
With Hawaii's hard water, it would be so hard to keep it white.
When I prewashed the fabric, it already gave a gray tinge to it.
I'll have to hand wash it under my filtered showerhead...

Funny realization...
While I was making this dress I kept thinking "Why does this look so familiar?"
Well, I own a dress like this already!!!

This was one of my favorite from Banana Republic.
It's been forgotten because although it's pretty tight, I still have to wear something underneath because the neck is too low.
I guess I always have the same style. :p
Maybe I was subconciously looking to replace this dress...

Btw I have two fabrics on sale.
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September 17, 2012

Two animal print fabrics for sale - $15

I have two animal print fabrics I got as part of mystery bundle from Fabricmart.
I'm reeeeally not into animal prints.
I thought I would somehow use it, but just can't see myself wearing these.
So if anyone is interested, please send me an email.

One is black & gold ruffle knit, about 3/4yd x 28in.
The other is another knit, a litle heavy weight, maybe matte jersey?
It has brown print on blue background, about 2yd x 60in.

I'm not sure about the blue knit, but I know the ruffle print was going for $3.99/yd.
Assuming the blue one is about $3.99 as well, it's about $12 total originally, and I can sell both for $5.
The shipping will be $11.35 with medium sized priority USPS.
To make it easier, how about $15 for both including shipping?

I tried to sell on Ebay or Craigslist with no luck.
Hopefully someone will see this post.

September 16, 2012

Patrones 303, #17

I go this salmon pink (orange?) rayon challis from
I wanted to make simple top, and I'm starting to realize tops with sleeves are very easy to wear.
I like this #17 from Patrones 303.
It's a simple short sleeve top with center placket and pleats in the front.

This is the photo from the magazine.

This is the result...

Very boxy.
No wonder the model is tying (how do you spell tie-ing?) the front.
I guess it looks ok as is, but I don't like boxy top.
Since I had extra fabric, I made a belt to go with it.

Much better.

Does it look like a photo in the magazine?
I'm not sure if it does.
The pleats and the placket does, but my raglan sleeves came out more horizontal, that it's more like a shoulder yoke.
The style is ok, it's very comfortable to wear.
When I first finish it, the back was a little tight, but as I wore it for a day I think it stretched enough.

That's what happened to my last Patrones dress.
My measurement is 38, but if I scale size 40 to 38, upper top is too tight.
I think my shoulder to above bust is too thick?
This time I used straight 40, but even then it felt that way.

I've been out of my sewable tracing paper so I haven't been making a muslin.
Bold move, considering I've never used Patrones patterns, but so far it's not too bad.
I was waiting until I come back from my Japan trip to get more tracing paper.

Oh yea, the side talk...
My family was supposed to go to Japan to see my mom & family last week.
I thought I was so careful to keep everybody healthy, but few days before the trip, I got sick. :(
Then the day before the trip, my daughter startted coughing, and my husband started to complain that he feels groggy.
We were still planning to go...
Until the moning of the trip, my son just started throwing up like crazy.
He woke up saying his stomach hurts... then threw up in bed.
Afterward, he threw up every 20min... even a sip of water made him puke.
We rushed to the doctor with our suitcase in the trunk.
He even threw up in the car.
On the way to the doctor, we decided it's just too cruel to travel with him feeling this bad.

Luckily, we got this trip mostly using mileages, so the fee to change the dates were only about $50 per person.
It's still not cheap, but better than my son throwing up everywhere on the plane.
The trip alone would've made him uncomfortable.

After we got home, my daughter was getting worse as well.
She got a high fever at night, and we were glad we changed the travel plan.

So here we are, stuck at home, until we leave few days later...
Well at least I can make few more outfits before the trip!

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September 4, 2012

Jalie 2908

Now I know how to insert a zipper, and made a mock jeans, I'm trying Jalie 2908!!

I'm starting to notice how much of a difference a pattern can make...
When I tried making trousers in the past, I did so much alterations that I got an impression how much of a hassle to make pants, and didn't really want to make any more.
Now I tried Jalie and hardly had to make any alteration, it's so much fun (and cool! Making your own jeans? Yeah!).

With Jalie 2908, my size is U at the waist and R at the hip.
I traced the pattern accordingly, and cut the fabric.
I traced the pattern on the fabric first, and added extra 1/2in to the seam allowance (3/8 SA already included, so mine has almost an inch) in case my sizing was incorrect.
It's a stretch fabric so I couldn't use the tracing paper as my muslin.

I first basted it at directed 3/8 SA, and it fit perfect!!
Only alterations I had to do were the usual...
First I pinched about an inch at center back to avoid the gaping.
Second... This pattern is for bootleg, so there's a little tapering in & out at the knee.
Since I'm short, this tapering came below the knee, so I brought it up about an inch or so.
As expected the length is about 5inches longer than my height. I wish I shortened it at the knee.

Now I'm going to start the pocket details... The fun part!
I got this DKNY design off the internet that uses 3 different colors... I think it'll be pretty. :)

It's 2:30am, and I just finished the jeans!

Back view...

No, I didn't stay up til 2:30 to finish it...
I passed out with the kids at 8pm. My daughter woke me up at 1am for water, and I couldn't get back to sleep.
I was almost done with the jeans, all I needed to do was pu the belt loops on.
I kept thinking about it so I decided to just get up and finish it.
Now all I need to do is to hem. I'm gonna put it in the washer few times to shrink it first.

Just as others, I LOVE this pattern!!
It wasn't hard at all to make it.
Well, it's probably not recommended for a beginner, but if you've sewn pants you'd be surprised that jeans is not much harder.
But because the fitting was great, I didn't have to spend hours trying to figure out the alteration. (Was it just me?)
It just takes longer because of all the topstitching.
And you might wonder if your machine can handle jean sewing?
I think as long as you use the right needle you're fine.
I used size 16 because my denim was pretty light weight, but once I got to the waistband it started to have hard time pushing the needle through all the layers, so I switched to 18 and it was fine.

Awwww, the topstitching....
I got three colors of topstitching thread because I wanted to make the DKNY pocket design, and I'm glad I did.
One roll of the basic brown thread just isn't enough to do all the topstitching job.
I almost ran (well, drive) to Walmart to det another, but decided to use other colors for the belt loops and waistband.

Oh, another alteration...
I added an elastic to the back waistband using Sandra Betzina method.
I get bloated easily so this will accomodate the changing belly size.

The only complaint with the Jalie pattern is that it's HUGE!!!!
It's slightly bigger than 8x11, so I really don't know how to store it.
It doesn't fit in the sheet protector, nor the filing cabinet.
It doesn't fit in the manila envelope.
I gave up and just put it on the bookshelf (where I keep sewing books) as is, thinking I'll come up with something later...
How do other people organize it??

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I just enetered the Mini-wardrobe contest!
Since I've been home and sewing alot, I noticed I've sewing so many garments this month.
I just don't know which pieces to enter the contest.

Mini Wardrobe