September 16, 2012

Patrones 303, #17

I go this salmon pink (orange?) rayon challis from
I wanted to make simple top, and I'm starting to realize tops with sleeves are very easy to wear.
I like this #17 from Patrones 303.
It's a simple short sleeve top with center placket and pleats in the front.

This is the photo from the magazine.

This is the result...

Very boxy.
No wonder the model is tying (how do you spell tie-ing?) the front.
I guess it looks ok as is, but I don't like boxy top.
Since I had extra fabric, I made a belt to go with it.

Much better.

Does it look like a photo in the magazine?
I'm not sure if it does.
The pleats and the placket does, but my raglan sleeves came out more horizontal, that it's more like a shoulder yoke.
The style is ok, it's very comfortable to wear.
When I first finish it, the back was a little tight, but as I wore it for a day I think it stretched enough.

That's what happened to my last Patrones dress.
My measurement is 38, but if I scale size 40 to 38, upper top is too tight.
I think my shoulder to above bust is too thick?
This time I used straight 40, but even then it felt that way.

I've been out of my sewable tracing paper so I haven't been making a muslin.
Bold move, considering I've never used Patrones patterns, but so far it's not too bad.
I was waiting until I come back from my Japan trip to get more tracing paper.

Oh yea, the side talk...
My family was supposed to go to Japan to see my mom & family last week.
I thought I was so careful to keep everybody healthy, but few days before the trip, I got sick. :(
Then the day before the trip, my daughter startted coughing, and my husband started to complain that he feels groggy.
We were still planning to go...
Until the moning of the trip, my son just started throwing up like crazy.
He woke up saying his stomach hurts... then threw up in bed.
Afterward, he threw up every 20min... even a sip of water made him puke.
We rushed to the doctor with our suitcase in the trunk.
He even threw up in the car.
On the way to the doctor, we decided it's just too cruel to travel with him feeling this bad.

Luckily, we got this trip mostly using mileages, so the fee to change the dates were only about $50 per person.
It's still not cheap, but better than my son throwing up everywhere on the plane.
The trip alone would've made him uncomfortable.

After we got home, my daughter was getting worse as well.
She got a high fever at night, and we were glad we changed the travel plan.

So here we are, stuck at home, until we leave few days later...
Well at least I can make few more outfits before the trip!

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