September 29, 2012

Patrones 305, #2 shorts

Patrones has alot of shorts.
It's amazing how much variation of shorts they can come up with.
I'm not a really shorts kinda person...
My stomach is sensitive so whenever my legs are bare I get a stomach cramp. :(
But even then, I wear shorts when it's really hot at home (I can't wear it at a store where they crank up the AC).
I really liked this shorts!!

It has so much details, and I like how it's more like a skirt.

I cut 40 waist and 38 rest.
It seems like true to size, since I didn't have to do any alteration.
I used a leftover denim that I made my jeans with.
This was a really light weight denim, and I didn't think it was fit for the jeans... But perfect for this shorts!!

Oh but the pattern looked REALLY short.
I didn't really read the instruction (cuz it's in Spanish), so I don't know if it suggested longer seam allowances for the hem, but I added 2in to the hem, and folded in about 1in after serging the edge.
This material didn't press well, so I only folded in once.

I really like how it turned out.
The picture looks so staged, but it's just on a white bed sheet. :p
It looks alot more dressy than the regular shorts.
(too bad I normally wear the top over and it'll cover most of the details...)
Now I can proudly wear this around the house and answer the door to unexpected visitors, rather then my other shorts that don't fit me.

Also I made this with about 1/2yd left over material (It wasn't enough so I used a scrap for pockets) so it was about $3 + $1.50 zipper.
Not bad, eh?
I think a pair of shorts with this much detail is much more expensive.
I might be having a big head, but I think this shorts at least looks expensive, thanks to a nice fabric from Fabricmart. :)

My husband said "Oh, are those skorts? Are you trying to bring the trend back?"
Am I trying to bring the trend back, or is my fashion too old in time??
Whatever the style I like seem to be few years old...
I need to research the current fashion more often...
But I don't like the current fashion, like print jeans.
I kinda like the color block but I'm too cheap to buy 2 different fabric for one garment. :p

I'm just so glad that I learned how to install a zipper and able to make bottoms.
I'm slowly replacing all the ill-fitted RTW bottoms in my closet. :)

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