September 22, 2012

Patrones Issue 303 #23 Cargo Pants

So I'm working on a cargo pants from Patrones.
Hopefully I can finish it on time and this will be one of my entries on Mini-wardrobe contest.
This pants was pretty much the reason I got this issue.
I love how it's slim and sophisticated but a little punk in a cargo style.

First of all, yesterday I traced the pattern and basted a seam to check the fit.
According to the sizing chart, I'm 38 but so far all their stuff has been a little smaller on me, I traced 40 overall, and even 44 at the waist.
Since I'm 4'11" and knew it was gonna be long, I omitted the seam allowances on each vertical pieces.

After the fit, I realized I didn't have to use bigger size on waist afterall.
I had to take about an inch from the sides.
I also did my usual taking in about 2in from the center back to avoid gaping.
Alteration was that's about it, and it seems to fit ok except that it's a slim fit and I'm not used to it!!

The only thing is, I think this is pretty lowrise.
If I'm standing it's ok, but when I sit down I think the back waist will fall below my panty line. ( ̄◇ ̄;)
I guess it's ok since my tops are all long, but I don't know if it would be comfortable.

Today, I did the REAL stitches, and I've gone pretty far.
I attached the back pockets and side pockets.
I just love these side pockets!!
It has pleats! So cute!!

Then I realized I did some stuff wrong...
The front piece is made of 4 square (rectangle?) pieces.
They were sewn together, and I pressed the seams open...
But when I look at the magazine photo closely, they've been pressed downward and topstitched.
I guess it makes sense, that if you press the seams open there's a chance of splitting apart if a seam comes undone.
So I'll have to pluck those seams to fix this. And it goes underneath this pocket attached already. Agh! (>_<) This is what happens when the instruction is on foreign language and I have to rely on my little experience. Ok, this was my "Done for today, let's continue tomorrow" moment. 9/23/2012 My husband took the kids outside to play, so I got lots done... I'm almost done, just need to attach waistband and hem the bottom. Yup this is a low rise... When I bend down half of my butt shows. (without the waistband at this time) I doubled up the width of waist band by cutting a duplicate od waistbands, attaching it lengthwise. I hope this will make it a little higher... I guess this is the reason to do a muslin! I finished the pants...

At first I thought the fitting was off.
I was so concentrated on fixing the gap in the back, that I didn't realize there was more fabric in the front.
I was disappointed, but my husband said it's not that bad, and After awhile I felt ok with it.
If I look at it closely it's not really the extra fabric, but it's because of the material.
It seems to wrinkly easily so if I sit down, it causes wrinkles that makes it look like I have extra fabric in the area.

Here's the pix, copying the pose from the magazine...
Hmm, it doesn't really look the same... my legs seem to be about half the size. :p

Overall... It's ok, but not really my favorite.
I still love the pleated pockets so it's probably easier if I just use these pockets on Jalie jeans pattern.
I thought about taking it off the contest entry but I'll keep it. :)

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