September 25, 2012

Mini-wardrobe contest!

Mini Wardrobe

I just entered the Mini-wardrobe contest from Sewing Patternreview website.
I whipped up so many garments this month that I realized I could finish all the requirements.

Currently I'm working on a cargo pants from Patrones.
Now I just don't know which ones to enter to the contest.
I'm thinking about the Jalie jeans, cargo pants (if I can finish on time), two tops and a RTW cardigan.

Since I've been going crazy staying home because the kids are sick, this contest is letting me get my mind off.
I know other people are more creative and I probably won't win, but the contest itself is motivating and also fun.
I'm slowly trying to replace my wardrobe with more mature (no more Forever21!) wearbale garments, that this contest gives it a good kickoff.

Also, did I mention that my last hobby was digital scrapbooking?
So I'm also having fun getting the composite review together using Photoshop.
I want to make it look like a magazine page...
You know how some magazines shows each picture of garments, and then the posibility of combining them?


OK, all done!!

I kinda wanted to play with the images more, but I merged all the images and accidentally saved it, so I really can't play with it anymore.
So here it is... Hope everyone enjoy!!


  1. You did a great job on that composite. Nice pieces and great outfits.

  2. This combo of garments works really well together...super sewing work! And the composite picture shows them off brilliantly...

  3. Thank you for the nice comments! I had so much fun with this contest!