September 18, 2012

Hot Patterns Medina Mini-kaftan

I'm on a role!
I thought I ordered so much from Fabricmart about a week ago, but I'm going through them pretty fast.

I used Hot Patterns Medina Mini-kaftan pattern.
Considering there're so many pieces, this was put together really quick.
From tiling the printed pattern, then tracing to finish, I got it done in one day.
I'm home all day because the kids are still sick... I did steps here and there all day.
Well I would even say half a day, because I didn't start til about lunch time.
The sewing did let the day pass faster for me... Staying home drives me nuts.

Anyways, I made it in white seersucker, with white linen trim.
The result needs a little modification...
First of all the sleeves spread out too much.
With this color, I think it really makes it looklike a hospital gown, or spa robe.
I thought about making it sleeveless (it reminds me of some Michael Kors dress) but I like the sleeves.
It probably looks ok to certain people, but since I have broad shoulders for my small frame, so it seems to emphasize it.
I pinched the sleeves a bit, and it makes it look more like a shirt.

I'm debating if I want to keep the drawstring.
It was a little shorter than it's suggested, so it comes closer to the sides.
With all the trim, it seems like too much details.
It's supposedly semi-fitted, but it's pretty fitted so it really doesn't need more tightening either.

I think the top (? Dress) is really meant as a coverup.
The neck is low and armholes a big, so you really cannot wear this on its own.

I fixed the sleeves.
I made the armhole smaller by shortening the sleeve facing and attached it as it would per instruction.
It might not show too much difference in the picture, but it seems so much better to me.

I also took out the drawstrings.
It's so much simpler but I think I'd wear it more this way.

I really love how this turned out!!!!
I don't mind making it in different colors.
The only thing, of course is this is white...
With Hawaii's hard water, it would be so hard to keep it white.
When I prewashed the fabric, it already gave a gray tinge to it.
I'll have to hand wash it under my filtered showerhead...

Funny realization...
While I was making this dress I kept thinking "Why does this look so familiar?"
Well, I own a dress like this already!!!

This was one of my favorite from Banana Republic.
It's been forgotten because although it's pretty tight, I still have to wear something underneath because the neck is too low.
I guess I always have the same style. :p
Maybe I was subconciously looking to replace this dress...

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