September 4, 2012

Jalie 2908

Now I know how to insert a zipper, and made a mock jeans, I'm trying Jalie 2908!!

I'm starting to notice how much of a difference a pattern can make...
When I tried making trousers in the past, I did so much alterations that I got an impression how much of a hassle to make pants, and didn't really want to make any more.
Now I tried Jalie and hardly had to make any alteration, it's so much fun (and cool! Making your own jeans? Yeah!).

With Jalie 2908, my size is U at the waist and R at the hip.
I traced the pattern accordingly, and cut the fabric.
I traced the pattern on the fabric first, and added extra 1/2in to the seam allowance (3/8 SA already included, so mine has almost an inch) in case my sizing was incorrect.
It's a stretch fabric so I couldn't use the tracing paper as my muslin.

I first basted it at directed 3/8 SA, and it fit perfect!!
Only alterations I had to do were the usual...
First I pinched about an inch at center back to avoid the gaping.
Second... This pattern is for bootleg, so there's a little tapering in & out at the knee.
Since I'm short, this tapering came below the knee, so I brought it up about an inch or so.
As expected the length is about 5inches longer than my height. I wish I shortened it at the knee.

Now I'm going to start the pocket details... The fun part!
I got this DKNY design off the internet that uses 3 different colors... I think it'll be pretty. :)

It's 2:30am, and I just finished the jeans!

Back view...

No, I didn't stay up til 2:30 to finish it...
I passed out with the kids at 8pm. My daughter woke me up at 1am for water, and I couldn't get back to sleep.
I was almost done with the jeans, all I needed to do was pu the belt loops on.
I kept thinking about it so I decided to just get up and finish it.
Now all I need to do is to hem. I'm gonna put it in the washer few times to shrink it first.

Just as others, I LOVE this pattern!!
It wasn't hard at all to make it.
Well, it's probably not recommended for a beginner, but if you've sewn pants you'd be surprised that jeans is not much harder.
But because the fitting was great, I didn't have to spend hours trying to figure out the alteration. (Was it just me?)
It just takes longer because of all the topstitching.
And you might wonder if your machine can handle jean sewing?
I think as long as you use the right needle you're fine.
I used size 16 because my denim was pretty light weight, but once I got to the waistband it started to have hard time pushing the needle through all the layers, so I switched to 18 and it was fine.

Awwww, the topstitching....
I got three colors of topstitching thread because I wanted to make the DKNY pocket design, and I'm glad I did.
One roll of the basic brown thread just isn't enough to do all the topstitching job.
I almost ran (well, drive) to Walmart to det another, but decided to use other colors for the belt loops and waistband.

Oh, another alteration...
I added an elastic to the back waistband using Sandra Betzina method.
I get bloated easily so this will accomodate the changing belly size.

The only complaint with the Jalie pattern is that it's HUGE!!!!
It's slightly bigger than 8x11, so I really don't know how to store it.
It doesn't fit in the sheet protector, nor the filing cabinet.
It doesn't fit in the manila envelope.
I gave up and just put it on the bookshelf (where I keep sewing books) as is, thinking I'll come up with something later...
How do other people organize it??

I have these two animal print fabrics for sale...
For more info please check the post


I just enetered the Mini-wardrobe contest!
Since I've been home and sewing alot, I noticed I've sewing so many garments this month.
I just don't know which pieces to enter the contest.

Mini Wardrobe

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  1. Your jeans look great! I have this pattern, but haven't tried it yet, so I am glad to hear that it isn't difficult to sew.

    As far as storing the Jalie patterns, I got a magazine organizer from Target and the Jalie patterns fit in it perfectly! I store them next to my Burda pattern magazines on a bookshelf.