August 27, 2012

Sea Life Park

It's been such a nice weather recently, but my daughter is still getting over her cold, so instead of going to the beach we decided to visit Sea Life Park yesterday.

Sea Life Park is like SeaWorld of Oahu.... supposedly, but in much much smaller scale.
We got in for $12/pp using Foodland member's card, but it's normally $40-$50 for an adult admission.
It's sooooo not worth $50. Hawaii is just expensive overall.
It has about 2 dolphin shows and sea utter show, and that's about it.
There're attractions like swimming with dolphin or in a shark tank, but it would cost $100-200 separately.
It has shark tanks and turtle feeding tanks... that's about it.

But it was fun enough for our 3yr-old and 1yr-old.
My 3yr-old son keeps talking about how high the dolphins jumped, or how big the sharks were.
The kids had fun, and that's what it all matters.

The thing that ruined my day happened at the end of the visit.
There was a playground, so our kids were playing...
It was one of those playground with small ladder to go upstairs, and it was too small for the adults to follow.
So I was watching my son go up, and all of the sudden this other kid (maybe a little smaller than my son) ran up to him and took my son's glasses off!!!
We just didn't see it coming.
I yelled out "HEY!! Give him back his glasses!" and the kid gave it back to my son right away.

Then he went off and took a hat from this older Japanese tourist boy...
He and his big sister ran up to their dad and told him that this little boy took his hat.
The dad didn't really see it happening, so he told the kids to go ask the little boy to give it back.
What did the little boy do? He threw it over the bush, outside the playground.

I'm not mad at the boy... I know he was just a little kid and they do those things sometimes. (Although my husband thinks he's old enough to know that what he's doing is wrong...)
What irritated me was that the little boy's DAD was just right there, watching the whole thing and not saying anything about it!!!! :(
I'm glad the boy didn't break my son's glasses, or else I would've gone up to the Dad to talk to him.
(Funny thing how you get stronger when you have a child... I never thought I'd be yelling at another kid, or tough enough to go complain to another parent)

I know I'm a little sensitive over my son's glasses...
I really hope these things don't happen when he starts to go to school, but I'm sure he'll bump into these situation here and there.
I'm asking my husband teach him some self diffense in case...
I feel bad for my son, because even at a playground the glasses can get in his way (glasses fall off by accident, and he has to stop his play to pick it up and put it back on, or his glasses get caught on a toy, etc)
I hope my son can start using contacts soon!!!

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