August 15, 2012

Simplicity 1872 Cynthia Rowley Tops

I had this rayon challis fabric washed and ready to go for awhile because I couldn't figure out what do with it.
It's a cute floral when you look at it, but from far away it seems a little grandma-ish...
Maybe because my grandma used to wear clothes like this all the time.
I thought I had to use a pattern that's more young with cutesy details.
Maybe peasant style blouse?

But I decided to use Simplicity 1872.
It was sitting in my closet for awhile now.
I've made it for my sister-in-law before but with wrong fabric... Thick satin.
With three layers of tier, it was too bulky.
So I've been Waiting for some thin material, and rayon challis is probably good.
But I only had 1 1/2 yd so I decided to go with the top.
I'm debating if I want to add sleeves... (if the left over fabric is enough)
I didn't like the short sleeves with a tie, but the other puff sleeves option looks too poofy.

I cut the fabric today and started sewing...
This is such an easy breezy top.
I was going along so smoothly.
I sewed the shoulders, sides, front neck facing...
I attached the peplum, and just need to finish the armholes, hem and make a belt.

Then I realized I'm almost out of thread.
Aaaagh, I hate it when it happens...
Do I need to have a backup of all the colors??
I have enough pattern and fabric stash.
I really don't want to start a thread stash...

But so far I'm really loving this top!!
This is a new style for me.
I'm so used to something flowy and loose that I'm not used to this fitted style, but the peplum makes it flowy enough with this challis fabric.
I think this pattern worked great with the floral pattern too.
It's no longer grandma-ish!

It goes well with my newly made fitted stretch jeans!!
I can't wait to finish it.

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