August 7, 2012

Simple Modern Sewing

I'm making a flutter sleeve top from Simple Modern Sewing book.
This is an English remake of Japanese sewing book... Which is kinda funny because I can read Japanese, but I'm using the English version.

Anyways I loved this top when I first saw it.
It's made in lawn, but when I got this vintage-print jersey from Girl Charlee, I wanted to make something flowy with sleeves and I thought this top was perfect...

Well, only in my head.

I HATE the sleeves.

It looks good when my arms are down, but once I lift them, it just opens up and shows my entire arms... And when I bring the arms down, the sleeves don't come back the way it was to cover my arms.
It sorta looks like sleeveless with a little fabric by my side.
It's like, what's the point of these sleeves???
I was checking in the bathroom mirror forever (my husband asked me "are you doing ok in there?") to figure out what I could do with it.

Oh yea, there's no way of do-over... I only had 1/2yd of this fabric and I cannot cut new sleeves.

I was trying to sew the edges of the hem together to close it. Not a bad idea.
Maybe add a cuff and make it puff sleeves with slit? (I actually have something like that, and I love it)
But because I like how the sleeves flare out, I think I'm going to sew the middle of the slit togetjer, and add a small bow on it.
I think it'll turn out cute... Hopefully not just in my head. :(

Here's the shirt, without the sleeve modification.

From the side, arm down.

Now it's done, I don't know if I'm gonng change the sleeves.
Just because I'm LAZY.
It looks ok as is, and it took me few days to complete this simple top (because I kept passing out at 8pm with my kids, and couldn't get to it), I feel like I don't want to deal with it anymore.

There're few things that could be improved...
Sleeves are one, and the other is the neck binding.
Once it's done, it was so wonky!
I have the hardest time sewing thin cotton jerseys...
I was looking for some tipe on sewing pattern review site and found this.

Seems very promising...
I thought about taking apart the neck binding for this top and do it over, but decided not... once again, LAZY.
Next project...

My husband asked me "How long will you be sewing? Aren't you bored yet?"
I've gone through so many hobbies, and I think I've been sewing the longest. (5-6 years now)
It's because there's so much to learn!!!
Not only there're different types of garments, but there're fitting issues, techniques, etc...
Just like the neck binding.
I thought when you sew with woven, you're not supposed to stretch the binding or else you get puckering effect.
But I guess when it comes to knits, you have to stretch it, because if you don't, it'll stretch on its own in a funny way.
Who knew? (OK, the sewing experts would)
Just like that, it makes a huge difference by knowing this small fact.

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  1. Have you thought of tacking the sleeves together at the hem? That would take care of the problem of them completely exposing your arms when lifting them up. Just a couple of hand stitches would be all that's needed.