August 15, 2012

Upcycle - My Guess tank to my daughter's tank

I just did a quick (sort of) upcycle yesterday.

I had these two tops from Guess that I had for the longest time.
I hardly wore them so they were still in good shape.
But for some reason I kept it thinking I'll still use them.

Well, I bought them when I was in my 20s.
Now I'm not comfortable wearing spaghetti strap tight fitting tanks anymore.
(I don't even think they fit me!)

So using her comfortable Old Navy tank as a template, I cut them into my daughter's tanks.
It's funny that I left the side seams as is... It didn't make too much size difference!!!
I guess it's a rib knit, and it stretches to the max with adult wearing it, but with a baby it'll keep it's ribbed shape.

This is the picture after I cut the green one.

It was sort of a disaster...
It doesn't frey, so I just folded the neck and topstitched it...
And it came out all wonky.
So I gathered the middle just to keep the length to the original.
After this I thought it's probably better to use a binding for sleeves, so I did...
And it was even more wonky!!! It got probably 2inches bigger than when it was cut.
I ended up cutting off the sleeve binding and left the edges as is.

Not shown in the picture, but that's what I did with the red one...
I just cut the neck and sleeves and left the edges as is, and it looks alot better.
The hem has a cute ruffling and I kept the Guess embroidery.

Remind me never to sew rib knits again!!!

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