August 12, 2012

Burda 7/2010 Trouser #103 Mock Jeans

This is the second #103 trouser that I made.
I got this really light weight denim material from FabricMart, and was unsure I should still use it as jeans, but after going to the mall and saw so many jegging style, I decided to go ahead.

Side view...
Sorry the picture is a little blurry, I'm not sure if you can still see the topstitching details. It's so hard to use self-timer and get a good focus!!

First of all I'd like to thank Sandra Betzina...
I don't think I could've made this pants without all her techniques.
I was always intimidated by trousers because of zipper installation, and also because of the waist fit.
My waistline changes drastically throughout the day, and I can't fit pretty much all my pants (except for drawstrings) by the end of the day.
After learning her zipper installation and elastic waistband technique, I'm no longer afraid of making pants!!
In fact, now all I want to do is make pants, because I finally learned the joy of wearing fitted pants!!!

I made my first pair in navy stretch gabardine.
It was more like my muslin for this one, and I had the hardest time matching the side seams... the back piece was so much longer than the front.
This time it matched perfectly, so I guess I must've traced it wrong, or added wrong seam allowances.

I love this jeans top stitching thread.
Just by using this it looks like jeans. Haha

I think the direction calls for topstitching where the back piece meets the side piece, but my DH said "Umm... doesn't that supposed to go to your side?"
so I ended up topstitching every seam, and I think it looks better.

Oh, sorry, I'm actually not done with this...
I still need to add belt loops, hook/eye and hem.
I was gonna wash it a couple of times before I hem.
My marrakesh trouser shramk about 2inches after I hemmed, so I learned my lesson.
I just wanted to review it while my kids are outside playing with their papa.

I really love the pants!!
I don't know if I love the extra side piece in the back, but I love the fact I have a fitted pants that fits.

Now I'm off to making a *real* jeans using Jalie pattern...

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