August 13, 2012


Got my first Patrones.
I've been subscribing to Burda for awhile now, but I noticed that their style is becoming more of fitted, sheath dresses.
I like flowy, airy style, and thought Patrones is more of my style.
I looked few previews and instead of getting the current issue I got issue #306.
I pretty much want to make everything on this issue!

The good thing about Patrones is that there're less pattern per page for tracing, so it's easier.
The bad is, they only include 3 sizes per pattern, and they're usually 40-48.
I'm probably 38, so I'll need to grade it down each time.
And of course, the instruction is in Spanish!
Well at least I knew about this before I got it.
I think I can sew without too much instruction so it should be ok...

Off to tracing a pattern!!

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