August 24, 2012

Patrones #306, Dress #23 again

I loved how my last Patrones dress turned out, I decided to make it again.

Here's the original dress.

I had this fuscia cotton-poly knit I got from
I normally lay out all the pieces on the fabric first to make sure that the fabric is enough, but for soooooooome strange reason, I was so cocky that this fabric was enough, that I just started cutting the pieces.

Sure enough, it wasn't enough.
I had to squeeze out all the outer pieces (one piece crossgrain, but I'm sure no one would know...), but didn't have enough to make a facing.
I couldn't find any knit fabric reminent in my stash either... (I mean, I don't buy fuscia color that often!)
So I'm gonna try the elastic binding method.

I have a hardest time binding the knit neck/armholes...
It always comes out wonky.
I searched through PR website and noticed that some people use elastic to keep the neckline shape intact.
Hmmm... worth a shot.
I;m planning to wear this in casual occasion only (around the house, to the park, etc) so this might be a good project to practice this method.
Hopefully it works out, and I can conquer the knit binding and no longer be intimidated by knits.


I finished the dress.
Well, actually not completely. I still haven't hem but since it's not fraying I'm already wearing it. :p
It's such a comfortable dress, but I realized that the color can make it fancy as well once I added the black belt.

I wore it to Target, and we decided to have a sponteneous beach dinner picnic.
The outfi was so not ready for beach, but oh well it was fun for the kids.
Believe it or not it was pretty chilly by the beach on August in Hawaii.
Here's a beach shot at sunset time.

Anyways for the sewing talk...
I finished the neck and armholes with elastic.
I zigzaged the elastic to the wrong side edge and turned over then topstitched.
I did the neck first, guess-timating the length of the elastic...
I think I pulled the elastic too much and ended up gathering the neckline a little.
Learning from the mistake, I pulled more gently on the armholes and I think the result is better.
Although I still need more practice, I like the finish of this method.
It doesn't look stretched out like the way my knits normally turn out.

Once again I like this dress. It's really comfortable, but like this pink one, I can make it casual or a little more dressy.

The only regret... however not about the dress.
I had my husband take a picture of myself with the kids wearing this dress.
I cropped it to upload it to the blog, and ended up saving it that way and lost the original photo. :(
My son was making a funny face and it was a funny picture.

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