December 24, 2012

Child's Apron

Two more days for X'mas...
I have this friend that has two boys & 8yr-old girl.
I originally bought movie tickets for their x'mas gifts, but today, two days before x'mas, my DH said "that's what they're gonna get for x'mas?"
(he always does this!)

So I went out to get a toy gift for the boys, and nothing for the girl because I can make some cute tote bag for her real quick.

Then I realized, I was already planning to give her the bag as a favor to my kids bday party for next month.
I don't wanna double up so I need to come up with something quick to make in next two days...
(i don't want to go out shopping anymore!)

This is what I posted on the PR thread, asking for any gift ideas...
I like the idea of an apron, and I managed to make two in two days.
I made one for the 8-yr-old girl, and another for a 4yr-old that we'll be seeing tomorrow for dinner.

I think it turned out really cute!!

December 7, 2012


Got a new toy for X'mas... An embroidery machine!!

Few weeks ago I went to a Thirty-One party my friend was hosting.
It's like a Pampered Chef kinda thing, that a consultant would show off her product and the guests would place an order with her.
In Thirty-one's case, they sell bags.
At the party, of course I was thinking "I can make my own bags!" but since they personalize it by embroidery, I thought it was the cutest thing...
To help my friend and also because it was an one-stop X'mas shopping, I ordered sooooo much from her.
Then I thought, "you know, with the amount of money I just spent, I probably could've gotten my own machine."
So I checked Amazon and they had Brother PE-500 for $269.99 with free shipping.
(free shipping to Hawaii! That's a big deal.)
I asked my hubby if I can get it for X'mas, and of course he said "Just get it."
(That's what he says with whatever, but I feel like I still need to check with him)

I waited for few days, anticipating, checking the tracking everyday...
It arrived few days ago!!

Well, first of all, I advise you, if you ever get an embroidery machine...
I've found some cute designs, and didn't realize how many colors it takes, so I ordered threads few days after I ordered the machine.
I had a couple of days in between the shipment, and oh boy the anticipation was killing me!
I was still playing with the machine with all purpose thread, and it just felt different.

Oh the stabilizer... There are so may types...
I wanted to embroider some tees, and cut away was recommended so I ordered some online.
I got a tear away while I wait, and I guess you can't really use tear away on knits because the needle will perforate the stabilizer and mess it up.

So far I love it!
I've personalized a pajama for my niece, made some tea wallets with "Drink Me!" design, and just embroidered Spiderman onto my son't tee.