December 24, 2012

Child's Apron

Two more days for X'mas...
I have this friend that has two boys & 8yr-old girl.
I originally bought movie tickets for their x'mas gifts, but today, two days before x'mas, my DH said "that's what they're gonna get for x'mas?"
(he always does this!)

So I went out to get a toy gift for the boys, and nothing for the girl because I can make some cute tote bag for her real quick.

Then I realized, I was already planning to give her the bag as a favor to my kids bday party for next month.
I don't wanna double up so I need to come up with something quick to make in next two days...
(i don't want to go out shopping anymore!)

This is what I posted on the PR thread, asking for any gift ideas...
I like the idea of an apron, and I managed to make two in two days.
I made one for the 8-yr-old girl, and another for a 4yr-old that we'll be seeing tomorrow for dinner.

I think it turned out really cute!!

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