October 17, 2012

Japanese Sewing Magazines

It's been awhile since I wrote a post... Why?
I'm in Japan!!
I'm visiting my family, it's been 3years since I came last.

Three years ago I wasn't this much into sewing, so I didn't go to the fabric store here in Japan.
I visited one few days ago and was a little disappointed...
I was looking for a nice soft cotton knit to make something for my daughter...
Then realized they were all the same prints as RTW, and RTW is so much cheaper, and the quality is pretty good.
Double gauze was something else I wanted to get, but the ones I wanted (Nani Iro) were out of my price range.
I didn't have much time as I went out while my mom watched my kids taking a nap.
I think I'm going back just to get a basic double gauze.
I just don't know what to make with it...

So I went pretty crazy shopping for pattern magazines.

1. Female Fall/2012
I think this was my favorite.
Although the patterns were basic, they were more of my style.
I liked it so much I ordered a back issue of Summer/2012.

2. Cucito Fall/2012
It's for children's clothes.
They had some matching patterns for kids & moms, which weren't all that great, but there were some other cute stuff.
I'd like to make some caps from this.

3. Mrs.Stylebook Fall/2012
I guess this one is pretty popular among sewing community.
I got it without looking inside too much...
I didn't realize it uses sloper and you have to draft your own pattern.
It seems interesting (and there are some nice garments) but sounds pretty hard.
I don't know if I'll ever make anything from this...