September 17, 2012

Two animal print fabrics for sale - $15

I have two animal print fabrics I got as part of mystery bundle from Fabricmart.
I'm reeeeally not into animal prints.
I thought I would somehow use it, but just can't see myself wearing these.
So if anyone is interested, please send me an email.

One is black & gold ruffle knit, about 3/4yd x 28in.
The other is another knit, a litle heavy weight, maybe matte jersey?
It has brown print on blue background, about 2yd x 60in.

I'm not sure about the blue knit, but I know the ruffle print was going for $3.99/yd.
Assuming the blue one is about $3.99 as well, it's about $12 total originally, and I can sell both for $5.
The shipping will be $11.35 with medium sized priority USPS.
To make it easier, how about $15 for both including shipping?

I tried to sell on Ebay or Craigslist with no luck.
Hopefully someone will see this post.

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