July 10, 2012

Girl Charlee

I've ordered from Girl Charlee twice... And falling in love with them!
They have a good quality pretty knits for great price.

I just received a 1/2yd bunch from them.
I think it had about 10 different prints, for $12.
I thought it was a good deal but a little bit regretting, because the shipping was about $12 as well and that ended up doubling the cost.

But when I got it today I was so happy!!
Just by glancing, they were all such cute prints!
I bought it thinking it would be good for my daughter (since she only needs 1/2yd anyways) but the prints were actually more mature.
And some of them were actually 2-3 of 1/2 yd cuts of the same material so it was 1 1/2 yd, enough to make ME at least a top, possibly a dress.

I haven't really opened the bag...
I have this guilty conscience about buying so much fabric, so I hid them from my husband...haha
I know he wouldn't care, but it's just me.
So while he's at work tomorrow I'll open up the package and take some pictures!

Here's the pix...  Not bad for $12, yea?

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