July 17, 2012

Vogue 1249 Rachel Comey Top

I'm working on Rachel Comey top from Vogue.
I got a nice rayon challis from www.fabricmart.com, and I thought it was perfect for this top.

Well, I was DEAD WRONG. :(
I'm actually almost done with it... i just need to finish one more sleeve hem, and hem the bottom.
So far, I don't like the look of it.
First of all it was the wrong choice of fabric.
Actually, I think the fabric is ok. It's nice and drapey for this top.
In fact, it's my first time using rayon challis and I'm loving it.
But it's the print!!!
I shouldn't have used a print for this pattern, ESPECIALLY in black, because all the nice details in the front don't show at all!!
If not for the slouchy sleeves, it really looks like a medical scrub. :(
I also don't like the pleats in the back shoulders.
When you look at it from the side it kinda poofs out and it gives an illusion that I have a big shoulder/arm.
Because I swim alot, I DO have broad shoulders, and I don't want to emphasize it! :(

It's still wearable, that it's a nice comfortable top.
But I think it'll really limit what I should wear on the bottom...
I guess my current love, the slouchy Marrakesh pants is out of the question...
It just makes everything look sloppy.
I wish I had a skinny jeans, that it'll probably makes it look ok, but I don't own one.
Well actually the jeans is one of my next project goals...
I also received a stretch denim from www.fabricmart.com.

Anyways, after almost finishing this top, I looked in the mirror and lost the motivation to continue...
It's not worth pursuing after 10pm.
I'll finish it up tomorrow...

Ok, here's the result.

It's actually not that bad...
I can still wear it, I just have few things that  would've make it better.

I really realized that with my current life style it's better to make more tops and bottoms.
I'm slowly understanding "It looks cute, but it doesn't mean I'm gonna wear it."
I've been making so much dresses but I hardly wear them.
Now I'm using this as an excuse to look at more patterns...  Hehe


  1. I think your top is cute, and looks good on you. Have you considered making the skirt from the same pattern? It is really popular, and seems to universally look great.

    I have the same fabric - it is a nice challis.

    Andrea from Satinbirddesigns.blogspot.com

  2. I really like your top and the print.