July 10, 2012

Marrakesh Pants Day 2

I've just sewn the muslin of Marrakesh pants, and WOW! It fit me right off the bat!
I couldn't believe it!!
Pants? No adjustment? Seriously?

Well, not entirely correct.
I had to pinch an about an inch off center back, because of sway back (I think that's what it is?) but I always have to do that.
Other than that, my waist feels fine and my butt feels perfect!
The leggs are coming down nice and straight.
I'm excited to sew it in real fabric.

BTW I cut size 12 in waist and 8 for the rest.
I'm petite, 4'11'', but after two pregnancies my belly has been protruding...
Plus my waistline changes drastically during the day.
I think it makes almost 3inches different.
I made it in size 12 which is the biggest of my waistline, and I can adjust the rest of the day using drawstring.
I'm starting to love this pattern!

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