July 9, 2012

Marrakesh Pants

Sewing mojo is back!!
Not only it's back, but in full speed.

I've sewn most of my fabric stash, so I let myself window shop for fabrics...
And all these projects came in mind.
Well, I ended up shopping.

One of them was Hot Patterns Marrakesh drawstring pants.
I've actually been eyeing on this pattern ever since I started sewing maybe 7 years ago, but I always thought $17 for a pattern was too steep.
But after consulting on pattern reviews forum, I figured it would be worth it if I Can perfect this pattern and make enough out of it.

I love linen drawstring pants, and I buy at least two colors maybe every other year whenever it goes on sale for around $20.
Yea, $20 for a pair of pants? It's the price I cannot pay anymore, knowing I can probably make it in alot better quality fabric for alot cheaper.
So hopefully I can work this pattern.

I love this pattern, because it has the trouser look with waistband and front fly zipper, but it's still a drawstring.
But that's why I was also intimidated by it, because it has a fly front zipper.
But after finding a tutorial video by Sandra Betzina I feel like "I can do this!"

*・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*

I received my pattern and fabric today.
I got a linen/rayon blend for about $6/yd. I didn't know how if I can even perfect the pattern, so I didn't want to spend too much.
I guess this could be a wearable muslin?

I was a little disappointed with the pattern itself.
It was a pattern printed on regular (big) sheet of paper, and alot of places were faded, so much that I couldn't even read it.
I don't know if it's just faded and I cannot see, or if it's the pattern itself, but it didn't have any indication of waistline (well, I assume it's just the waistband) or the hip.
Since I have to grade so much between the waist and the hip, a little line would've been helpful.
Also there was no "shorten or lengthen" mark.
I guess you can just Shorten at the hem... But I didn't know if it would change the look of the pants. Although it probably doesn't since the pants legs seem very straight.
I guess I was expecting alot more for paying $17.

Well I traced and cut the patterns on sewable tracing paper tonight.
I wanted to jump on sewing it, but decided to take a nice bath and watch some TV.
I'm starting to learn to take things slow, in order to avoid any mistakes caused by tiredness.
So I'll be sewing my first muslin trial tomorrow...
Wish me luck!

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