July 24, 2012

Marrakesh Pants #2

I was happy with my white Marrakesh pants, so I wanted to make another one.
I had this pink linen/rayon blends I got from www.fabricmart.com.
Well, I think it's linen/rayon.  It was part of the mystery bundle, and it looked exactly like my white linen/rayon blends.

This time I added the buttons to roll up the hem.
But because the hem is kinda heavy, it doesn't really stay up...
It wants fold down in the weird way.
If you really want to keep it this way, you might want to stitch a little on the side.
I ended up wearing it without the roll up, because I forgot to shave my legs.  :p

The only thing about this pink pants is, I really don't know how to wear it!!
It just looks like pajamas if you don't somehow dress it up.
Today I matched it with a black top & black sandals, but that's all I can think of...
I definitely cannot wear it with a tshirt and sandals, unless I'm going for a "I just woke up, and this is what I slept in" look.

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