July 12, 2012

Marrakesh Pants Day 3

Okay, I cut the fabric for Marrakesh pants and started sewing.

I thought the pants was perfect, but I trimmed the waist lower by about half an inch.Since I'm short, waistline was a little too high...
It was borderline Mama jeans and Erkel.
I don't mind the Mama jeans but don't do Erkel.
Still minor alteration for a pants, but I had to trim everything that involved waistline... The front/back pieces, pockets, fly shield, etc.

The instruction starts off by preparing the pieces...
So I did the drawstring/elastic first.
The drawstring was too wide and WAY too short for me.
It tells you to make the drawstring and cut in half, but I actually made two of them and cut maybe 4inches off of each.

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