July 20, 2012

Burda 3/2010 #118 top

Oh this was a satisfying project.
It was so easy that it only took me about 2hrs to make this.
The best part?
I made this from 1/2yd of fabric!!!

One thing that made it easier is because I've already made this before.
So I already had the pattern traced and I knew it would fit me.
Last time I made it, I used a thicker jersey, and it wasn't drapey enough to work the cowl neck.
So everything was a little poofy...
That was actually a nice organic cotton jersey too.  What a waste of a nice fabric...
I still wear it, to the park or something, but I think I'll take it apart and make something else...

This fabric was from www.GirlCharlee.com 1/2yd fabric bundle.
When I saw this fabric and felt the drape of it, I thought it would be a perfect fabric for this pattern.
I just didn't know if it was enough...  I mean, 1/2yd.
So I cut it on crosswise grain.
I really don't know if this is the right thing to do...
Every pattern tells you to cut it on the grain.
But I remember some patterns actually tells you both the grain & crosswise grain, so I thought it was ok.
So I did, and I barely got the top out of it.
The pattern calls for a waistband & drawstring, but I didn't have enough for that detail.
It probably would've been cute!

It's such an easy top...
Since it's a knit, it doesn't fray so I didn't even use the serger which made it easier.
The only thing is, the cowl neck is way too low for my taste.
It's such a nice light fabric, that I really want to wear it on its own, but I have to wear a cami underneath.
I'm really starting to hate to wearing a cami to all my clothes because of low necks.
It's July, and it's HOT!!
I'm thinking about sewing a bandeau instead.

I pretty much wrote everything on the pattern review, so I'll just paste it.

I just gotta say, I'm VERY glad that I got to make a top with sleeves with 1/2yd fabric.
I've been wanting to make more tops with sleeves.
And I still got a whole bunch of 1/2yd fabrics from GirlCharlee bundle!  :)

Pattern Description: Knit top with cowl neck created by gathers by the shoulders.
Pattern Sizing: I traced between 36-38
Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it? Yes except for my modifications
Were the instructions easy to follow? I didn't really follow the instructions.  It's a pretty easy top.  Gather the slit by the shoulders, stitch shoulder & side seams, finish the hem, that's it! (the self neck facing is folded in)
What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?  I love how easy this pattern is, but it's a little more stylish than just a t-shirt.  I don' like how the cowl neck is too low.  Is there a way to raise a cowl neck?  It would be nice to not have to wear a cami underneath. 
Fabric Used:  Cotton Jersey from www.GirlCharlee.com.  Believe it or not, I made this with 1/2yd cut!!!  I cut the patterns on crosswise grain.  This was one time I was happy that I'm short.  (4'11'')  It was barely enough to make the top, so I couldn't add the waistband as the magazine.
Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:  As I mentioned, I didn't add the waistband/drawstring because I didn't have enough fabric. 
I also didn't gather the sleeve hems, because I think my arms are big for my frame, and gathered sleeve hem will make emphasize it.

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?  I really do recommend this top!  It's such an easy top...
Since it's in knit and it doesn't fray, I didn't even serge the edges, which made it even easier.  I probably made this in less than 2 hours.

Few things to mention.
I've made this top in the past, but with a thicker jersey.
It didn't drape well, so it came out a little puffy.  Drapey fabric is the key to this top.
Also, when you gather the shoulders, I think it would look better if you concentrate the gathers toward the neck. 
I didn't really pay much attention, so mine gathered toward the sleeves, and it flared the bottom hem outward.
I think if you gather it toward the neck, it'll fall down nicely.
(Do I make sense?)
Conclusion: This is a really easy top to make with nice style.  Highly recommended to even beginners, and it'll create a top that's more than just a t-shirt!

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