June 29, 2012

Burda 6/2010 #118

Oh this dress...
It took me awhile to finish this one.

I got this fabric from Ebay for pretty good price.  (Maybe $10 for 3yds?)
Ever since I saw this print I wanted to use it for Burda 6/2010 #118.
I didn't think it was that hard...
It was actually going well in the beginning.
I did the paper muslin, adjusted everything, and it was flowing fine.
Then when it got to the gather, it just went downhill...
I used one big rectangular piece for the skirt, and it just got so poofy below the bust!
I knew what I had to do...
Take it apart, and first cut the big piece into three...  one front piece, two back piece, and attach the zipper.
Then make it a tier, so it's not too heavy...

But I just could not get motivated.
I just hate ripping seam process, and I hate gathers.
I thought I lost my sewing mojo all together.
I had some other stuff I wanted to make, but I felt like I had to finish this dress...
Or else it'll just sit in my closet, unfinished, and I loved this fabric too much to let it happen.

I was venting it out on the sewing discussion, and everybody advised me to take a break...
So I did.
I went to sleep early with the kids...
I actually did some other sewing for my daughter, because I've made those over and over and could make it without too much thinking.

Then yesterday, both kids actually took a nap together, and I had some energy so I decided to finish this dress.
And I love the finished dress.
It's cotton, so it breathe well, and very comfortable.
I'm not too crazy over the shoulder "wings", so I think I'm going to make it into big straps instead.
It looked good in the magazine, but it just looks like an armour!
I'll be writing a review soon...

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