June 14, 2012


When My sister-in-law left to mainland few weeks ago, she left us their carpet cleaner.
Since I was thinking about renting one, I was delighted and decided to use it.
Whoa this sucker was heavy!!
But it felt so good to see the clean carpet, I did the whole house.

...and ended up straining my back. :(
For few days I could still move around with Motrin, but I guess I pushed myself that On Wednesday I could barely get up from a chair.

Luckily(?) my husband was sick on Tuesday and decided to take some days off.
But he was feeling alot better by next day so he helped me around the house.

To be honest I wasn't expecting much help from him...
In the past, he took a day off when I got sick, and ended up just watching TV all day and I still took care of the kids and did everything..
It just added to my irritation to see him being no help at all.

However this time he has been such a good help.
I guess seeing me take about a minute just to get off the couch made him feel bad?
But he's been feeding the kids, changing the little one's diaper, taking them out for grocery, etc... And now he's playing with them outside.

Around lunch time, he finally gave a small complaint...
"geez, I get no break with these kids!!"
And he thought it was easier to stay home. Bwahahaha.

When we get in an arguement, Few times I hear him say "Do you want to go to work and I stay home with the kids? How hard can it be? Just give them paper and crayons or playdoh, and they're set to go."
I always bit my tongue because I knew only someone who has been a stay-at-home-mom/dad can understand the hardship of it.

Today, my husband gave them a paper and crayons.
My older son, three, would draw one circle and says "can I get another sheet of paper?"
You tell him no, and you end up with a whole new conversation with "why?"
While my daughter, one, is trying to crawl over the table to get to his crayons, or tries to get out of her chair because she's done.
You put her done, and you get "not yet".
You put her back on the chair, and she drops a crayon and tells you "get it!"
That's what you get from "just give them a paper and crayons".

However, while my husband was complaining, he also had this warm smile on his face.
Yes, this is why I would rather stay home with the kids even if you get no break, your own time, or eat in the kitchen because it's just easier than sit down and get back up to serve the kids request.
No matter how demanding the kids are, it's just so precious and joyful to watch them grow and get to see every minute of it.

I'm so lucky that I can stay home and share these moments with my kids.
For this, I thank my hard working husband.

Happy almost Father's day!

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  1. Great post. I had to laugh about your husband thinking its easy staying home - I think you're right - only those of us who do it know how tough it can be. But also as you say there are rewards. I think all dads/partners should stay home now and then to remember its not all easy! Love your sewing, by the way :-)