June 7, 2012

Burda 4/2012 #110 Jumpsuit

I thought this jumpsuit was really cute when I saw it on Burda 4/2012. I really liked their grey georgette version, but isn't georgette see through?? So I made it in jersey. First let me say that this jersey was sooo nice! It feels smooth and soft to touch, and it was even easy to cut. No shifting around. It's actually reversible... Stripe on one side and solid on the other. So I made the top using the stripe and solid for the pants. I made 36 graded to 40 toward the waist and 36 again for the rest. I'm glad I mad the muslin using sewable tracing paper. For some reason the back top was HUGE. I had to cut off almost half of it!! That was very odd. Alteration. -I added a drawstring to the waist, as my waist changes drastically during the day so it's easier to control with the drawstring on top of the elastic. -I also added straps to make it a halter. Having a one year old, I'm sure she'll be pulling down on my top, and strapless is just dangerous. But I don't like how the straps look... It makes the top band wonky. :( Is it a placement issue? Overall I LOVE this jumpsuit! It's just soooo comfortable, and although it feels like a pajama pants it's stylish enough to wear it outside. I'm not sure if I'd wear it to a store, but I wore it to a park with my kids this morning and it was so comfortable. The only thing is, it's such a hassle to take off everything when I go to the bathroom...

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