February 25, 2012

Liberty of London

One more post today...

One of the fabric from today's shipment was cotton lawn from Liberty of London.
Yes! I finally got my hands on it
It was on sale (i think $26/yd or something?), plus I used 15%off coupon so it was about $22/yd...
I only got a yard of it.
Ok, it's still expensive, but it was my Valentine's gift. ... That my husband doesn't know about. Haha

I finally got to feel the infamous Liberty Lawn, and my thought was...
"what? This is it?"
I'm sorry for all the Liberty fans, but I didn't think it was "that" great.
Don't get me wrong, I still think it's a nice fabric.
I just didn't think it should cost $35 for their regular price!
It mus be the brand thing.
Well, nonethless I like their prints anyways.
With all my blabbing, I'll probably still buy some if I ever get another chance. :p

I want to make a top with this Liberty fabric, mostly because I only have 1 yd. :p
I want to make a blose with bow tie at the neck, so I searched the net and found this.
I love this... Floaty, with comfortable 3/4 slightly puffed sleeves.
Funny thing is, it was sold for about $23 in Sears. It's probably cheaper than buying a yd of Liberty fabric! Haha

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