February 25, 2012

Oliver + S free halter top pattern

I had a left over cotton lawn from my tierred dress, so I made a top for my daughter.
I found a free pattern from Oliver + S.

I guess I got used to the accurate Burda patterns... Although the Oliver+S instruction was very thorough (yea, definitely, compared to Burda patterns...), I still had some trouble over it...
Well, there probably wasn't anything wrong with the pattern, I should just say it just differed from my preference.

First of all I didn't know if it included seam allowance?
Maybe I just missed it in the instruction...
The pattern looked big enough so I just cut it as is, without including the seam allowance.

Then i thought the ruffles could be a little longer. When I attached the second ruffles it barely overlapped, tha I knew it would show the stitches when it's on my daughter and she moves. (and she MOVES! She just learned how to run.)
I hadd to adjust ruffle attachment, and as a result I had to cut the lining a little shorter as it was alot longer and it showed below the ruffles.

I also was iffy on how the front and the back were attached. It finished the hem front and back separately, and then the side seams were stitched.
I just like stitching the side seam first and then finished the hem in one continuous hem.

In addition, I made the back top as a casing and inserted an elastic.
After finishing the top and tried it on my daughter, the back was too big and gaping.
Maybe it's just too big on her, as the pattern is for 2T and my daughter is only one.
But she got such a buddha belly that anything smaller than 18mo will be too tight in the mid section. Haha

Overall I still liked this pattern... It was FREE! :)
And the pattern covers various sizes, that I can use it for my older relative kids.
My complaints are easily fixable.

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