February 13, 2012

Stabilizer my...

I decided to try applique.

It all started when I found a black interlock knit in my stash.
I tried to make McCalls cowl neck top, but it was too thick and didn't drape right.
I figued I'll come back to it one day...

I was cleaning out my stash, and tried different patterns...
At first I wanted to make another pants for my son, but it wasn't enough.
Then I found out it was enough to make another long sleeve for my daughter.
But it's black...
I don't want my one year old daughter to be wearing all black already!
How can I make it "cute"?
At first I was just going to add pink neck binding or something, and while I was looking through my scrap stash I found my daughter's baby onesie with a turtle on it.
I thought it would be really cute to applique this, and add matching orange neck binding and buttons.
Woooo, I was excited!

So I searched the internet and gave it a try.
I fused the heat bond and attached the turtle on the front piece.
I was brave to do my first applique job on a knit.
As suggested, I pinned the tear-away stabilizer onto the back of the fabric and started sewing...


The turtle was made of some kind of plasticky, sticky material.
So the presser foot was getting stuck and didn't want to move.
Do I give up? No!
I ended up moving the fabric after every stitch.
As a result. The stitches aren't close together as it would've been if the machine sewed it, but it looked ok.
It looks more like a hand stitch and gives it a little cute-sy feel.

The problem was the stabilizer...
I teared it off, but alot of them were stuck under the stitches, and I spent at least half an hour taking the tiny pieces off using a tweezer. :(
Then I found out there's such thing as wash-away stabilizer.
Why do they even make a tear away?
It's like unfitted sheets,,, why even make them???

It was closed to 10pm but I pushed myself to make buttonholes on the front piece.
This time I remember to add an interfacing, so it made a nice buttonhole easily with my Janome.
Nice second buttonhole....
Then the bobbin thread ran out in the middle of the third one.
The thing with automatic bottonhole making function is, I cannot start in the middle of the process.
I chanced myself to make a new hole over the last half hole...
Then it got tangled.
I decided I'll just work on this tomorrow, so i'll make the fourth, last hole...
Tangled again!!
At this point, I decided to just stop all together.
Let it go, and start fresh tomorrow.
Lesson learned,,, don't push yourself late at night!!!

I fixed the buttonhole and got to finish it.
I think it turned out really cute... Yeah?

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