February 25, 2012

Multiple project

I went to the gym yesterday and worked out for about 11/2hr yesterday.
I changed my work out every 10 min, and finished off with taking 20min of Zumba class.
It was a nice work out, and realized that I get bored easily.
I used to take Zumba for 1hr, and although it's really fun, I get bored half way in, and keep looking at the clock to see when it'll be done.
I had a good workout because I kept changing my routine.

Anyways, long enough intro...
Just like my work out, I'm working on different projects.
I just finished the halter top from Oliver + S today while I was fitting my coat (jacket) from BurdaStyle Handbook.
And since I got my new fabric shipment from www.fabric.com today,
So now I'm working on Vogue 1236 because one of the fabric might just be perfect for it.
Each will be blogged separately...

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