February 10, 2012

Almost a wadder

This is from BurdaStyle magazine 6/2011, #101.
After I made one with charmeuse, I loved it so I decided to make it in linen, with its own sleeves.


The pattern I thought fit me didn't.
It turned out too tight, probably because I made it in linen, not the stretch material.
I should probably have cut it in bias as suggested.

The sleeves were so tight, since I have big arms for my body.
I didn't really know how to fix it, as armcycle was fitting me fine, just the sleeve hems.
I tried to fix it maybe twice, but the more I fix, the more I cut into the armcycle instead of ripping the seams, so armcycle was getting wider and wider.
After two attempts, I decided to give up on the sleeves.

On top of it, i did such a bad job on the neck facing...
I did in wrong order. I attached the front neck facing to the bodice, then attached the back facing to the front facing, and attached the back facing to the bodice.
My top stitch was just all over the place, sometimes not even on the facing.
What I should've done was, I should've attached the front AND back neck facings to the bodice together, then attach eachother at the top.

I thought about throwing it into the wadder-don't even think about wearing it-pile, but thought maybe I can just use it as a sleeveless.
And it worked! It still fits!
It's now just my bad topstitching job, but I figured nobody's gonna notice small off-stitchings on my clothes.
The thread is the same color as the fabric so it's hard to see.
(plus my long hair covers that area)
I still wear it and it's pretty comfortable.
However unlike my charmeuse, I have to wear a cami underneath, since this linen is fairly sheer, and also my neckline was lower than expected.

So this was an almost wadder, but was saved!

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