February 27, 2010

NANI IRO Fabric ordered

I ordered the Nani Iro fabric.
I was having such a hard time deciding whichi fabric to get.

1) Nani Iro Majorca (spell?)

2) Echino collection

From the start, I liked the Majorca pattern, and thought Echino was a little too plain.
Then I saw this picture.
How pretty is this!!!!

Then I thought, is Majorca too colorful?

So I searched around google to see if anyone made anything out of these fabrics...
Not much found.
But on Kocca website, I saw they made a girl's dress with Majorca, and it was also very pretty, not too flashy.

So I decided on Majorca.
I still want something conservative in black (so I can wear it to work too), but with a little "Bam!"
This should be it!! :)

The price was $26.10 including s/h. Whooooooa!
As a sewing beginner, I couldn't imagine spending this much on a fabric...
I mean, don't we sew to save money?
But I rationalized, that you can't really find this kind of patterns anywhere.
And if you do, it must be at some expensive boutique, and not for $26.

By the way, I'm making a top out of Simplicity 2892, and settled on the pleated one without sleeves.
I wanted to make the gathered one, but it took more fabric...
I didn't want to spend *too* much on a fabric!

I bought a muslin fabric to make the practice run.
When I use Nani Iro, I want everything to be perfect!!

Aaaah when I get better, I really want to make a dress out of Nani Iro!!

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