February 10, 2010

Hooray! Foot attachment

I've been wanting to "upgrade" my sewing machine...
My sewing machine is a basic-basic one, that I bought few years ago when I first started sewing.
What this doesn't have is the "overlock/overcast" option.
You can use this option to sew the edges of fabrics to prevent frey.
I've been wanting this option for the longest time, because I really want to start sewing clothes.

I've tried sewing a dress before, when I didn't know about this overlocking concept.
So although my dress turned out ok, from outside, the fabric was starting to frey inside.
I could hem them, but it'll just make it bulky...
Then I found out about overlocking option, and that my sewing machine doesn't have it. :(

So I was looking into buying a new sewing machine...
A better sewing machine with overlocking option?
Or should I just go overboard and buy a serger?

Then I found out that my sewing machine actually have an optional "overlock foot" that I can purchase!!! I don't need a new sewing machine!!! Hooray!!!
Of course it would be nice to just get a new sewing machine, but after spending $800 on new waterheater this week, new sewing machine would be a luxury item that I don't need...
"The need to have first, not want to have."

I found out that this foot costs about $15.
...I also found out that some companies charges $70 to ship this to Hawaii. Are they crazy!?
I found it on good o' ebay for $15 with free shipping. Gotta love ebay!!!

Watch out, world! I'm moving onto making clothes!!!

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