February 8, 2010

Shoulder Bag

I finally got a fabric that I've been wanted.
I've been eyeing this fabric, but I wanted it even more, after I went to the LeSportSac store with my sister-in-law.
Their "Hawaii edition" prints were similar to this.
And looking at their price... $20 for a cosmetic bag? $40 for a shoulder bag? At an outlet?
I think I can make it... so while my sister-in-law was shopping, I kept looking at their style to see which one I wanted to make.

They had a really cute, big slouchy bag, that my sister-in-law got for my other sister-in-law.
It was so cute, but I've been getting tired of big bags... They are so nice because you can fit everything in, but I can't find anything!!! I can barely find my cell phone.

So I decided to make a shoulder bag that I can just fit my wallet & cell phone.
Ta-Dah! :)

However, this is a prototype... There're so many things that I want to add, that one of these days I'm gonna take it all apart and do it all over.

First of all... I want to add another zipper pocket.
I fit my wallet in the big main pocket, and my cell phone in the outer pocket.
But it would be nice to have another pocket underneath, to fit my lipstick.
I can put it together with my cell phone now, but what's the fun in that?

Second, I want to add an adjuster to my strap.
It's fine now because I measured it to fit me, but it would be good to have an adjuster if I were to make it for someone else.

Third, I think I want to use a thicker interfacing. I guess it's not thick enough right now, that the shape of the purse changes depending on what I put inside.
I want something more stiffer so it'll hold the shape.

Cute though, yea? :)

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