February 16, 2010

Jewelry pictures

Pictures of jewelries I've made in the past.
I wish I kept all the pictures... :(

Aventurine and Brown pearl set

Purple turquoise, Mother of pearl and Cherry quartz set

Carnelian and Cherry Quartz

Rectangle Onyx

Red turquoise and beads ball set

Lapislazuli and wood beads set

I made this to match jeans...

Blue Mother of pearl set

Hair pins using Swarovski crystals, or Czech beads

My friends called them "Mika pins"

Aventurine and pearl weaved necklace

Weaved necklace using seed beads (and others)

Rose quartz set

Mother of pearl chips and pearl bracelet with Flower clasp

One of my favorite!

Dragon and Phoenix necklace

It's reversible!

Flower motif made with dagger beads

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