February 25, 2010


So, I'm trying to move onto making clothes.

However, I find it so difficult to find the right FABRICS!!!

The fabric store that I always go to (Aiea Fabric Mart) doesn't seem to have what I'm looking for...

They have lots of cotton printed fabrics, but not the texture I'm looking for.

I want something very soft, enough to make it a pajama.

What they have all seem to have the crunchy, hard feel to it.

I asked what kind of knit fabrics they have... and they all seemed to be too thick.

Since my family lives in Japan, I go there often and always (of course) shop for clothes.

Their material is so much better!!

During the summer, their material seem to be much lighter and breezy compared to the U.S. ones.

Especially it's always so hot in Hawaii, it's nice to have that kind of fabrics here.

...Then I found them. On Etsy. (Hooray for Etsy once again!)

Under "Japanese fabrics", they have double gauze fabrics with collection name "Nani Iro."

They're priced about $12-16/yd.

It seemed a little too pricey for me, so I checked their Japanese site.

(Good thing I can still read Japanese, ya?)

And the price wasn't actually that much different. Wow! That's pretty cool!!

Then I started thinking what kind of clothes should I make with this material...

A top? A dress?

I decided I want to use Simplicity 2892. It's a top with ruffle or pleats at the neckline.
So cute!!!
...Then I checked how many yds of fabric I need.
I'm probably size 6-8... They require 2 1/8yrd...
With Nani Iro fabric, that would be over $30!!!!
Hmm.... Is it really worth making your own clothes!?
I think I can get a similar cute shirt for about $10 on sale... (;_;)
Well, the good news is, I found some Japanese website that you can buy these fabrics at 10cm increment. ...Meaning, if I can get a precise measurement, I probably don't need to get 2yds like the pattern suggests.
The bad news is, of course, the shipping.
I found ONE website that ship it for the actual weight, which is about $6.
That's not bad.
The others charge like $15.
So I'm gonna check out the pattern and make sure how much I EXACTLY need!!

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