March 16, 2010

No more "relaxing"

So, I finished all my projects -
I've made a linen drawstring pants, pleated top using the Nani Iro fabric, and some bridal jewelries for a customer from Etsy.

Since I've been so busy with them, last night I figured I'd take a break and relax after work so I went straight home, around 7:30pm.
When I got home, my baby (ok, I guess he's no longer a baby since he's 14months old now) was still awake.
He was half asleep, but when he saw me he got really excited and didn't want to go back to sleep.
So sweet... but so... sigh... change of plans...
He ended up not sleeping until about 8:30pm.
I lied down next to him to put him to sleep, and passed out, probably before he did.

So I'm looking for a pattern & fabric for my new project.
I'd like to make a nice top or dress that I can wear to a party.
We went to a birthday party this past weekend, and the host (baby's mom) was wearing such a nice dress!
I'm looking for a fabric like it, and found it at for $8.50.
I probably need 2yds, so $17.
...Then their shipping is $10.
Hmm... $27 for a dress... I can probably get a nice dress from BCBG outlet for a little more.
But I still want to make my own, so I'm off to looking for a cheaper fabric.

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