March 22, 2010

Cats & Patterns

When I see blogs from other people, I noticed that alot of people seem to have cats - and they like to "interfere" with your project.
Mine is no exception.

While I was cutting the muslin for my Butterick 5319, my boy just walked on it and tried to fall asleep. Hmm... Why do they like to sleep on something you're working on...
I had to keep telling him "you're gonna get pinned!"
But of course he doesn't care! If he gets pinned, it's your fault, not his!!

Anyways, as I said, I'm SLOWLY making a progress on Butterick 5319.
I finally got to cut all the pieces...

Since I started sewing the patterns, I'm just so amazed how long it takes to just cut fabrics!!!
Of course, I have to do everything while my baby is sleeping... either his 1hr nap during the day, or after he goes to sleep at 8pm.
And this is after I finish all the house chores - cooking, cleaning, laundry... then I go to work...
Basically I only get to do a little bit of sewing at a time, so it seems like one project takes forever! (Not that I'm whining...)

By the way, I can't seem to find that many people that used this pattern.
There was only one review on (which helped- thank you!), and maybe one or two more blogs.
It's such a cute dress. I wonder why?

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