March 30, 2010

Sewing frenzy

Sewing frenzy... ok, not really "sewing", more like "buying for sewing" frenzy.
In my past blog, I mentioned that I was so disappointed when I missed the Vogue/Butterick/McCall's pattern sales.
It's on again!
This time, I think it's even cheaper. $2.99 for Butterick/McCalls, and $3.99 for Vogue patterns.

Once again, I sat in front of the computer trying to decide which pattern I want to get.
Their s/h is $4 for first 3 patterns, and $7 for up to 7 patterns (I think).
So of course, the more I get, cheaper the s/h is, therefore I had lined up about 7 patterns in my shopping cart.

...But I settled on 3 patterns.
I figured, I have too much projects to do right now, that who knows when I'll even get to finish these 3 patterns, and by then they'll probably have another sale.
And I decided to stick to Vogue patterns, because I realized NONE of the stores in Hawaii sells Vogue patterns!!!
Even online, they're normally about $10 (not downloadable), so $3.99 is a steal.

So these are the patterns I got:

1. V1152 Rebecca Taylor Dress

This is what I'm most excited about...
Thanks to VeryPrairie's review on
When I saw this pattern on Vogue, I didn't think much of it...
But when I saw VeryPrairie's top version, it just looks so much nicer!!!
I was so inspired by it...
I think solid pops out the details more.
I want to make it both in top & dress!

This pattern is made by designer Rebecca Taylor. Appearently she does sell these dress/top at the store (Nordstrom?).

I guess the dress is about $350, and top is about $250!!! Whoa!!!

This is when sewing pays off!!! And thank Rebecca Taylor for making the pattern!!!

2. V8379

I read so many reviews on about this pattern. Appearently it won their awards for the past few years
I guess it's very simple to make, but very flattering, and can look different depending on the fabric you choose.
I'm debating what fabric to use... Big flower print (beige), small geometric print (orange/brown), or just solid.

3. V1152
I'm waiting for a pattern I got on Ebay (International seller, organic fabrics), and I wanted some plain knit dress to show off the pretty pattern. (Although the picture in the pattern is solid)

This was inspired by, once again.

This time, it was by

I was just cruising through their review gallery, and her fabric just popped.

She was so nice to list where the fabric came from, so I looked it up on Ebay, and the seller was still selling it. It's a silk jersey panel. Looks very nice and soft. :)
Hopefully I can pull it off. I think I really have to strategically place the prints.

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