April 1, 2010

Muslin finished!

I finished the muslin of Butterick 5319.

Thank goodnes I made a muslin... cuz I messed up so much!!
First, I attached the waistband on the wrong side... wait, I think the skirt is sewn on the wrong side too.
Ok, these are the things I would probably not do if I was using the normal fabric, because the right and wrong side are easy to differentiate.

But I was glad to do the muslin, so I could make any adjustment.
I'm 4'11", so everything was kinda falling downward on me...
The V-neck was too low, waistband was too low...
The skirt length was ok (although the skirt and lining length don't match), because I already cut about 3 inches off the fabric before I even started sewing.

So I pulled up about an inch on the shoulder, and everything fit better.
But it also brought the V-neck up too much, so I think I need to fix that.
Also, although the lining is very nice, because it enclose most of the seams, and it gives more formal look to the dress... but I think it's too bulky.
Especially when you live in Hawaii... you'd rather go flowy.
So I might try taking this muslin apart, and make the same dress without a lining just to see how it looks/feels.

I'm just so anxious to receive my fabric, so I can make the "real" dress!!!


I also finished the drawstring my friend asked me to make.
I'm Asian, and she's caucasian, so our body shape was so different, that I learned so much on adjustment!!!
We did total of 4 fittings...
We tucked in the waistline, hemmed in side/inseam, raised the crotch area...

I don't really pay too much attention to details.
If I was to buy a pants, I'd be happy if one part of my body fits.
If my hip fits, I'm ok with just tightening the waist with a string (for drawstring) even if there're extra fabrics bunching up, or if crotch area was too long, just wear a long top and hide it...
But when she pointed out, it made me think "hey, I make my own clothes now... why don't I perfect it too?"
So when I made a drawstring shorts using the same pattern, I fixed my waistline too, and it's nice to wear something that's actually perfect!!!
She was very happy with her muslin too.
Now we'll be making it in linen.


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