April 7, 2010

Linen pants

I finished one of my project, which is a drawstring pants for my friend.
She has one linen drawstring pants that she loves, which is getting old, but cannot find anything to replace it because she can't find anything that fits her.
When I started sewing again, I promised her that I will make her the pants.

So this past few weeks, we've been working on her muslin, and after 4 fittings, we perfected it!!!
Using the pants pattern, her hip area was perfect.
But she needed to take in some waist, side/inseam, and shortened the crotch area.
We were so happy...

I transferred the adjusted pattern to the linen, and finished sewing in 2 nights!!
...But I felt iffy on the result.
First of all, when I was stitching the waistband to the rest of the pants, it didn't match.
The waistband was about 2 inches shorter than the rest!!!!
That made me question... what did I do wrong?
I remade the waistband, matching it to the rest, figured that it's better to be big than small...

I brought the finished pants to my friend today, and as I suspected, it was too big. :(
It wasn't too bad, but I still want to fix it... (A little perfectionist here... OCD?)
Not only that, but EVERYTHING seemed a little bigger.
I transferred all the adjustment according to our findings...
I understand the waistband, maybe the side/inseam (maybe I didn't count the seam allowance?), but even the crotch area???

Then I realized, maybe it's because of the fabric...
My friend pointed out how "heavy" the linen felt compared to the muslin.
Maybe the linen draped, or stretches more than the muslin therefore everything came out slightly bigger??

I'm just amazed, how much is involved in simple clothings we wear!!!

I also made a bag using the leftover linen and stashed hawaiian printed fabric.
I gave her the pants in this bag, and it made her very happy. :)

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