March 18, 2010

I wanted to make a dress similar to alot of Anthropologie dresses, and found Butterick 5319 to be similar.

So I went to the local fabric store, and found out that Butterick patterns are not on sale, as opposed to Simplicity or McCalls.
So it's $16.95.
If you've read my past blogs, you know me already.
I don't want to pay $16.95 for a pattern, on top of getting a fabric.

So I looked around on the internet.. and realized that I cannot find this pattern on Ebay, or Etsy, or anywhere for cheaper than $16.95.

Then I saw
This website not only sells patterns for cheaper, but also does downloads.
I found the Butterick 5319 pattern for $5.99 for download.
The only thing is, this website's review is HORRIBLE!!!
I see that people don't get their patterns shipped, or get a wrong one, and if they order downloads, although the website says you'll receive it in 15min, they never got it even after few days... And supposedly this site doesn't have a contact phone number.
So people would email a question about their orders, and never got it...

I was so debating if I want to get it from them.
But it's either take a chance and get it for $5.99, or $16.95.
Hmm... I decided to take a chance, since I had some spending cash in my PayPal account.
(whatever I have on PayPal account is my "play money".)

I ordered from them, and checked my email every couple of minutes.
...and VOILA! I did get it!
I was pleasantly surprised.
I got their download pattern, printed, and ready to go.
I'm excited to make this dress! :)

I just wanted to write my own experience with, and hopefully other people wouldn't be too scared to order from them.


3/22/2010 Adding on...
I have written that I got my patterns from just fine.
Yes, it was fine.
But just to let you know... whoever is interested in downloading a pattern...
Putting together the pattern is already alot of work.
The pattern came in 45 pages (!) of letter-sized paper (you can choose different sizes of paper), then you put each of them together at the matching point into one humongous paper of pattern with a tape.
Then you cut the pattern.
It wasn't too big of a deal to me, because I like crafts in general - cutting, taping, whatever, so I'll probably order download patterns from them again.
But if you're the type of a person who doesn't like these tedious work, I recommend you get an actual pattern from the store!

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