September 3, 2011

Shirred summer dress

We're going Wakiki for "staycation" this Labor's Day weekend.

I wanted a cute summer dress for this occasion.

One of the fabrics I bought from was turquoise blue stripe knit.

I decided to make shirred summer dress, using Threadbanger blog.

Considering how cute it is, it's soooo easy.

It's basically a rectangular fabric with rows of stitches using the elastic thread in the bobbin.

I originally wanted to make a maxi dress.

I bought 1 1/2yd, and it would've been enough if I was to cut it along the salvage.

But I forgot that this is stripe, and I HAVE TO cut it against the salvage if I wanted the horizontal stripe.

It barely made it to knee length, so I used the extra material to make a gathered ruffle.

Ready for the beach! :)

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