August 31, 2011

Nomad Hobo Handbag

My next project is Nomad Hobo Handbag from
I love and Hot Patterns for posting free patterns!!

This is the start of my x'mas gift making.
I'm making this in greyish beige suade and paisley cotton lining.
Right off the bat, I made a mistake... or should I say I didn't pay attention.
They called for 3/4yd of lining.
I measured the pattern, and figured I only need 1/2yd, so that's what I ordered.
I was cutting it out, and realized that I needed 4 pieces of lining instead of 2 pieces that I thought.
I had to CUT at the seam allowances to make the pattern fit.
So the finished bag will be a little smaller.
Well, in another words, you CAN make it with 1/2yd of lining fabric as long as you don't mind it a little smaller!
Is glass half full, or half empty?

The thing I like about this bag is, that it doesn't need interfacing.
After making Amy Butler's Cosmo Bag and that it took forever to fuse the interfacing, I'm glad that I don't need to do this process.

I ironed the fabric and cut the pieces.
Then attached the magnetic snaps.
(By the way does anyone need a tutorial on attaching the magnetic snaps? Maybe next one...)

Ready to sew!


I can't believe how easy that bag was put together!
I finished it last night - after cutting the pieces, it only took me about 3hrs to sew it altogether.
Bring it on, X'mas!

Few comments...
The inside pockets are suggested to be sewn on the panels with the handles, but I prefer it on the side.

This is mentioned so many times on the reviews as well, but... especially after the size was reduced, it's just impossible to "put your hand up the handle, and pull the other handle in."
I actually did, using a tweezer.
After I pulled it all the way through, I realized I had to pull the outside handle in as well.
At this point it was 10:30pm and I was working on this for 3hrs...
So I didn't even try.
I just sewed the handles together from outside, with the seam shown.
If I could pull it off (literally, pull the handles off!), it would've been a really nice finish...
This bag wouldn't show ANY seams outside.
But it doens't look that bad.

I really love this bag!!!
I want one for myself, except suade is too hot-looking for Hawaii.
Plus I carry a huge diaper bag now days, and not these small purses anymore...
It's perfect for my young family members!

This is the handles attached, sewn outside.



I made another one.

I actually like this one better, using Kitty Yoshida's City Girl Oversized Paisley in pink. I luckily got this fabric on sale at for $3.99/yd (about $2, since I only needed half yd).

When I received it in the mail I really loved it - I wish I ordered more, but it looks like they discontinued this. :(

They have it in darker pink, but it's not as cute. :(

This is how it looks like holding it.
I'm 4'11", so I think it's a little long on me, but for someone with average height, it's probably perfect. If I was to make it for myself I'll probably shorten the handles.

OK, a breakthrough.
I found a way to follow the instruction and put one handle through the other.
I used a good old safety pin.
I use this big safety pin as a tool to turn some straps for different projects.
So I pinned the right side of 2 handles, and put the safety pin inside one handle, and pulled the safety pin through the handle.
This method makes the finish clean without showing any seams, however it's a little hard to make sure that handles are attached straight together.
First of all I wasn't sure if the handles were twisted inside the other (it might have helped if I pressed the handles first), and when I sewed the handles and pull it back out, there was a big wrinkle in the middle. :(
So I had to do it over again...
But I pulled it through the wrong handle, and had to pull it back out the other handle... Just a hassle. :(
So this is how it ended up.
I'm not sure if I like this finish that much, compared to having the seam outside, which was so much easier.

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