August 10, 2011

Amy Butler craze

Ok, I'm not even done with my Rebecca Taylor dress...
(In fact, I'm in the middle of cutting the pieces. I haven't even started sewing.)
But I want to start sewing a bag.

I hate to jump on the band wagon, but I decided to jump on the Amy Butler wagon.
I borrowed one of her books from the library, and since it was missing the pattern, I bought one online.

By the way, I got this book from
Appearently it's a British company, but they offered free shipping everywhere in the world, and prices were cheaper itself.
This book was about $30, but I got it for $18.99 on this site.
The shipping was pretty fast too. They claimed 7-14 business days, and I got it maybe in about a week and a half.

I want to make the Cosmo bag, that's on the front cover of the book...
but this thing just looks HUGE!!!
Since I'm small, it'll probably be like 2/3 of me. Haha
I'm thinking about make a copy of the pattern in the reduced size, but I wonder if it'll work?
The size of the handles seem fine. Would that look funny?

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